The Institute for Research on Social Phenomena is a free alliance of scholars for collective action with the mission to produce knowledge in order to create the objective and systemic picture of the social reality as the product of human acting and to develop on the basis of this knowledge the instruments of conscious purposeful changing of social reality.

The possibility of achieving this mission we see in

  • conducting research at the intersection of different branches of social science and humanities;
  • open and substantial discussion among scholars and practitioners and their production of ideas jointly;
  • wide dissemination of academic knowledge about social reality and the promotion of the scientific picture of the world as the only one adequate to the contemporary level of social development;
  • practical application of the produced knowledge.

Guided by the mission and the vision of the possible ways of achieving it the Institute of Research on Social Phenomena

  • conducts research;
  • organizes and holds academic events;
  • issues the journal of international research “Social Phenomena” and well as non-serial scholarly publications,
  • develops and realises practical social projects,
  • formulates research problems, looks for scholars all over the world who share the Institute’s mission and invites them to take part in the solution of these problems.

The Institute of Research on Social Phenomena is established in 2013 in partnership with Samara State Regional Academy.