II International Research Conference


24-25 September , 2021, Samara, Russia

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to take part in the II International Research Conference “Giftedness: Conditions and Factors”, which will be held in a hybrid format in Samara, on 24-25 September , 2021.

Scientists, doctoral and postgraduate students, undergraduates, students, experts working in the field of theoretical research of giftedness and practical implementation of approaches in working with gifted children are invited to participate in the Conference.

The aim of the conference: expansion of cooperation and development of scientific relations in the field of research of creativity and giftedness, discussion and systematization of theoretical approaches in the research of abilities, giftedness and creativity and their practical realization.

We invite you to participate in a joint search and discussion of the conditions and factors influencing the development of giftedness.

Areas of scientific dicussion

  • The essence of the phenomenon of giftedness, concepts and models of giftedness;
  • abilities and giftedness of adults;
  • Motivation of self-realization of abilities at different ages;
  • social factors of development of abilities and giftedness;
  • directions and technologies of development of giftedness and abilities;
  • modern educational environment as a factor in the development of giftedness of children and adolescents;
  • ways and methods of research on the giftedness of children and adolescents;
  • identity and identification of the gifted;
  • problems of diagnostics of giftedness.

Forms of participation 

The conference involves full-time, online and absentee participation. Conference languages: Russian, English.

To participate in the conference it is necessary to fill in an online application form and attach thereto the theses of the report (recommended volume is 1000 words max). Abstracts are posted at the preliminary stage and assume an active mutual discussion on the website of the Institute for the Study of Social Phenomena http://socialphenomena.org/

According to the results of the conference the full-text articles approved by the editorial board will be published in a special issue of the journal “Social Phenomena” (No. 2 (12), 2021). The journal is registered in the scientometric database RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index), with article-by-article assignment of doi. The Program Committee reserves the right to select materials. Materials that do not correspond to the Conference topics and are not formatted in accordance with the requirements will not be considered.

Participation in the Conference and publication are free of charge. Expenses related to flight and accommodation of the participant are paid by the sending side.

Location and contact information

Detailed information about the venue and time will be published in the second information letter. E-mail: admin@socialphenomena.org


September 10, 2021 – deadline for accepting abstracts for participation in the conference,

September 12, 2021 – notification of participants about the results of the selection,

September 25-26, 2021 – full-time stage of the Conference.

October 5, 2021 – the end of acceptance of full papers.